Stuff to Follow

spy, in a dark alley, following someone, cyberpunk, clean pixel art, neon colors --ar 16:9

Here’s a list of good stuff to follow in the generative AI space


  • AI Explained - Covers all the latest research and high-level happenings in generative AI.

  • James Briggs - Technical videos on working with LLMs.

  • Matt Wolfe - Covers how to use generative AI tools/platforms and weekly news updates.



  • Andrej Kaparthy - Building a kind of JARVIS @ OреոΑӏ. Previously Director of AI at Tesla

  • Framer - Creates amazing videos using AI


  • AI Breakfast - Curated weekly analysis of the latest AI projects, products, and news

  • Superpower Daily - Daily dose of AI news and handpicked list of AI tools