Other Examples

picadilly circus, cyberpunk, clean pixel art, neon colors --ar 16:9

Here are some of my favourite examples of generative AI.

Star Wars by Wes Anderson

The Galactic Menagerie - what more is there to say?!


A simulation of a small village with generative AI agents. Mind Blowing.

Research Paper


How a Brain Implant and AI Gave a Woman with Paralysis Her Voice Back

Truly amazing what generative AI technology could unlock in time


Seinfeld - Nothing, Forever

The generative AI, never ending Seinfeld parody becomes self aware…

South Park - The Simulation

Create your own South Park episode thanks to generative AI


Generative AI NPC characters scripted on the fly by generative AI

Unity - Meet Orb

Unity’s Orb is powered by an LLM to allow true free-form interactions