Marketing Examples

picadilly circus, cyberpunk, clean pixel art, neon colors --ar 16:9

Here are some of my favourite marketing campaigns that have made use of generative AI.

Cadbury: Shah Rukh Khan My Ad

Agency: Ogilvy Mumbai (India)

About: Imagine how millions of Indians felt when Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) - the world’s biggest movie star asked them to shop at the store around the corner by its name. Imagine how small local store owners felt to have SRK be their brand ambassador. By leveraging data, AI, machine learning, and geo-targeting, we made this possible. We created hyper-personalized SRK-My-Ads for every store - not a dozen, not hundreds but tens and thousands with SRK encouraging purchases from specific local stores close to the user. The campaign covered 500+ pin codes and was launched on YouTube and amplified on Meta platforms simultaneously.

Conservatoryland: Barbie Landmarks

Famous landmarks re-imagined as Barbie Dreamhouses

Agency: Jellyfish

About: Conservatoryland used the generative AI platform Midjourney to reimagine 13 landmarks around the world as surreal Barbie Dreamhouses. One of the client’s core audiences is families, and many conservatories are being transformed into playrooms. “We wanted to create a fun story which encompasses playroom energy and leans into the unstoppable Barbie phenomenon taking the world by storm”.

WWF: Future of Nature

My favourite pictures from the Future of Nature exhibition

Agency: Uncommon

About: 1 in 7 of native UK species are at risk of extinction. Generative AI was used to create an art exhibition to imagine the future of the UK through the history of our art. The exhibit portrayed our predicted future, informed by the latest scientific research, using images that belong to the school of British romanticism.


Kit Kat: We Had a Break

Agency: Wunderman Thompson Australia

About: If AI does finally obtain Godlike powers and destroys the world as some people are starting to fear, KitKat will now be at the top of its hit list. While some brands are already exploring what practical uses generative AI can offer their creative teams, using it to create everything from copy to imagery and even models, KitKat's taken a more amusing approach.

In a new ad campaign, the snack brand is mocking the idea that AI could replace creative jobs, by taking its famous 'have a break' slogan to heart. It let its own creatives have some time off, with truly horrendous results.

Distorted: Synthetic Stories Podcast

About: The Distorted team built a podcast series from scratch in 24hrs just using generative AI tools.

Melbourne Writers Festival: The Art of Words

Agency: TBWA\Melbourne

About: The Melbourne Writers Festival used AI to bring the words of classic novels such as Dracula and 1984 to life in a unique way. The results are imaginative posters that depict scenes from each book in a modern format.

Heinz AI Ketchup

Agency: Rethink Canada

About: Heinz has proved that even computers prefer its ketchup with a marketing stunt that had OpenAI's Dall-E 2 generator create a series of sauce-inspired images. Apparently, when the team fed the software random ketchup-related phrases, the results were overwhelmingly plastered with elements of Heinz' signature branding.

Coca-Cola Masterpiece

Agency: Blitzworks

About: Masterpiece is the latest expression of Coca-Cola’s Real Magic platform. The campaign film is set in a gallery, where Andy Warhol’s 1962 artwork Large Coca-Cola comes to life. The iconic Coca-Cola bottle is passed from one painting to another, as an entire universe magically comes together to deliver an uplifting moment to the person who needs it most. Paintings by Turner, Munch, Van Gogh, Hiroshige, and Vermeer – as well as paintings by emerging artists from around the world – deliver Coca-Cola’s dose of refreshment to a student in need of inspiration.