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An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

A simple guide to AI, generative AI, ChatGPT and why there is so much hype around it

This video provides an introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI. It covers:

  • A brief history of AI, key milestones, and the main branches of AI like machine learning and natural language processing.

  • An explanation of what generative AI is - AI algorithms that can generate new content like text, images, and video.

  • An overview of ChatGPT - the popular generative AI chatbot from OpenAI that took the world by storm when launched in late 2022.

  • How models like GPT-3 and ChatGPT work - by predicting the next word in a sentence based on the context. Bigger models with more parameters display more capabilities.

  • Details on GPT-4, OpenAI's latest model, which is over 1 trillion parameters. It has new features like web browsing, plugins, and a mixture of expert models working together.

  • Reasons why the hype around generative AI is real - major milestones like 100 billion parameters, an intuitive interface with ChatGPT, and advances by the open source community.

  • A look at the explosion of use cases across many industries and early real-world applications of generative AI.

  • A summary that this technology will lower barriers to entry for knowledge work, and ChatGPT is poised to become a major digital platform. But it is ultimately just applied statistics.

📚 The Classroom
An educational series on Generative AI.
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